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Fully Legal and Registered in Spain

Mountain View Kennels have been established for over 5 years and are proud to announce the best individual pet care in the Murcia region.
We offer competitive prices: MORE PETS LESS COST!Individual kennels,roaming time in our secure enclosed play and exercise areas and 2walks daily.

24 hour Veterinary over

We have 24 hour veterinary cover from Wuaku in Fuente Alamo and Zoomar in La Aljorra also Happy Pets in Camposol.We also provide Doggy day care, Collection and Delivery for pets if required.

Dog Obedience Classes

We also offer individual dog obedience training with 15 years of dog handling experience. Any dog issues from puppy to adult can be resolved with care, time and precision. We also help to rescue and re-home abandoned animals.
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We have two small dogs - Russian Toy Terriers, very similar to Chihuahuas. They are very yappy, barking loudly when any other dogs come within sight - they also bark almost insanely at the gate when people walk past.

They will not come back if they get free whilst on a walk.

I would like to be able to take them out without them making so much noise, and I would love to be able to walk them off the leash and have them come back when called.

Commented patricksteer in Mazarron 2017-02-17 14:54:24 UTC